Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hush, Sugar Rush - The Project

Time has always been so constrained. Opportunities to craft are scarce. These are to be blamed: Study and university! Currently, I am looking forward to the June/July holidays to fit in lots of intense crafting. But I am so eager to get on with at least one project now, and to keep this blog going with some crafty goodness.

My idea?
Project "Hush, Sugar Rush".

I love the idea behind this project, 'though it is still slightly sketchy. I have already started on it, and I have included a tiny sneak peek below! I promise to reveal everything, and the purpose behind this project as the weeks go by. Sneak peeks will be included!
Hush, Sugar Rush should be part of a birthday gift in Sept, which gives me plenty of time to finish it, in between studies and all. And I used "should be", as I am considering another option in parting with Hush, Sugar Rush once completed. An option which is more of a dreamy hope than anything else. And hopefully, a dream which will be (and can be!) realised soon. =)

I am so excited, and I hope you are too =).

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