Friday, January 22, 2010

Shop, shop, shop!

Hi everyone!
Today's post is all about my own kawaii/cute purchases. I hope you like what I'm about to show you :).

First up are kokeshi dolls, which came in a set of three.
I bought them while I was on my Shanghai trip :).

Pink Kokeshi Dolls

Pink Kokeshi Dolls

I bought a reusable shopping bag from Daiso.
I simply could not resist the cute apple prints on such a functional bag!

Daiso Apple Bag

Apple Shopping Bag from Daiso

And some tiny delights in the shape of cute earrings!

Cute earrings :)


And my fave tee at the moment...


  1. Oooh, I looove shopping! And these are the things I would have bought for myself too :)! So sweet.

  2. Lyn, Your Taste really is soooo Kawaii :) ! I LOVE the t-shirt and even the ones you got last year for your sisters...hmph...i need to buy some new ones like husband bought me from China ( when he was travelling on work)the cutest hair chopstick thingys ! :)... PS : also LOVE the ear studs...and love everything ! :)...Thanks for sharing Lyn...

  3. to sign off...the anon message is from Nat :)...

  4. Great stuff, I love that shirt!

  5. Found your blog with googles help :)

    I'm in Australia.

    I was wanting to know if the Daiso Store in Auckland, New Zealand was still operating and whether they sell any Japanese incenses there? I can't find any reference online or a phone number for the store from International Phone Directories or else I'd phone them up.
    Can you supply a phone number perhaps?


    If they are still operating I wonder if you had tried any of the Japanese incenses I heard they sell and if so, how you found it to be?

    I believe there's a Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) scented incense which they sell and was looking one day to try and get hold of some especially if I could only find out how it burns beforehand.

    If you find out anything specific I'd be pleased to know anything you can tell me about the incenses they have there, stuff like the scent names, package sizes and number of sticks in a packet and of course the price of a packet.

    If you're someone who hasn't ever tried Japanese incense so far then don't wait too much longer before trying some.

    They cannot be compared to Indian incenses even remotely, it's a whole different refined world of wondrous and amazing scents, mind blowing stuff, just waiting to be experienced, I can tell you!

    I'll bookmark this page so I'll be able to revisit it, to see what happens, hope this is ok with you me asking like this.



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