Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Year's Resolution: Being more organised

2009 had been a mish mash of events, tests, assignments - all of which I failed to organise properly. I started off 2009 with an amazing looking diary, only to find it completely empty and unused in the middle of the year.
So this year I aim to be more organised and neat.
Let's bring on some cuteness to this tideous task!

We start off with this super cute diary...

Pony Brown About A Thing Dairy/Notebook

And of course, with the diary comes cute stickers.
This one says, "It will rain tomorrow. Bring an umbrella along!" :D

Very Berry Deco Sticker Set

And there must be cute post-its to decorate my books with :P.

Red Hair Anne's Europe St Marking Label Index

And I need to stick things together with some awesome decotape...

Paper Deco Roll Tape

or maybe some of these masking tape...

And although this does not really fit into the theme, it sure is too cute to be left out!

Sew in Fabric Love Letter Label String

All of the above cuties can be found at nothingelegant on Etsy! (Honestly, the shop is filled with really cute things!)



  1. I love that shop! It's filled with all my favorite things!

  2. Awesome resolution! Your little journal is sooo adorable. Love those tapes lots. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  3. Your blog is so nice, I will come back soon :) !

  4. nawh thts so sweet <3

  5. i <3 your blog - i shall come back soon xxxxxx

  6. i <3 the post-its


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