Sunday, January 17, 2010

Of balloon and balloon

With all the madness going on in my house (lots of packing, parents and sisters moving to Auckland, visiting relatives), I've had little time to craft. Or maybe I've lost some of my mojo. Either way, I've finally found some time over the last few days to whip up something really simple.


The following two brooches are really tiny, but my sister seems to like them (the second one is hers)! So, I can declare this a success, I think!

"I love balloon"
Prototype - I love balloon

"Love you" brooch
Love you brooch

I hope you like balloons, because I'm crazy over them!

Hope you have a nice, lovely, balloon-filled day :)


  1. Hi Lyn! I looooove your brooches, they are so adorable! :)

  2. ohh wow! these are soo cute. i love the bottoms ones face, the circle going around the nose and mouth is wonderful!

  3. i like balloons but I love hearts.
    sooo cute & mojo may be back!

  4. Hi Lyn, so glad to hear your family is moving back to Auckie ! I can imagine you are very happy right now !

    These lil fellas are just adorable...! I have missed seeing your little crafties...!
    PS : I am no longer blogging...but am following my fav blogs nonetheless... :)

    Hugs, Natalie

  5. Dear Lyn, these brooches are soo adorable. I adore them too! So happy that you are getting your crafty mojo back! Wishing you and your family a smooth packing transtion and a happy move! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


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