Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Love you" in blue pants

Balloon (blue) brooch

"Love you" in blue pants

I know, I know! Another one?
Hehe. I guess I couldn't resist making another one! It is so easy to sew a "Love you", and I think it is cute enough as a little gift to a dear friend.
Now that my sister has seen this blue pants one, she has demanded a blue one for herself too! So it looks like it's back to sewing again for me :P.
Hope your day is filled with love :)!


  1. Awwh...soooo cute Lyn ! I totally agree..its great to give a friend...a neat idea ! :). Is it hand stitched Lyn ? Well its 2 panels cut in this cute shape, stitched, inverted and then stuffed right ? Not sure i can do the pants as sweetly as you've done though...I'll try and let you know :)

  2. oh..forgot...the above comment is by your friend Natalie :)


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