Sunday, December 06, 2009

Treeson :)

Hey hey :). Hello again!
I'm now back at Kuala Lumpur, and boy oh boy, it's hot here! I have the air-conditioner switched on most of the time, but I still feel like I'm melting in the heat.
Heat aside, something else has melted my heart!
Meet Treeson :)
by Sindy

How can something so small be so adorable? :)
Truly, I am in love with Treeson!
Check out Bubi Au Yeung's (creator of Treeson) Flickr photostream for more Treesons and her other creations! :)



  1. HI LYN !!! : ) ..So good to see ya ! : ) .... awh...what a cute lil fella...reminds me of a sasquatch...!

  2. Treeson so edible! Cute and yummy!

  3. Oh my i am soooo happy to see you here! Missed you. Welcome back to our city of brotherly love!! It's really warm these days but thank god it still rains every now and then. These items are sooo adorable and so precious! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


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