Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas! Christmas! (is coming soon)

Hi everyone! I'm back again!
I arrived home last night and like the rest of my family, I am now sick :(. Shanghai was freezing cold, and we were not prepared to walk around with the temperature hovering around 0 degrees. Despite that, the scenery was beautiful, and I also enjoyed visiting Nanjing, Wuxi and Hangzhou. Photos to come :D.
Now, I'm waiting for Christmas to arrive, and I'm sure you are too!
Here are some Christmas handmades, and I'll be back very soon with my next update :).

boxes on the wall by ali edwards

how to make christmas ornaments by Saidos da Concha



  1. welcome back from your china holiday! I love your collection of super cute ornaments esp the gingerbread house!

  2. Hello, hello!! :) Very happy to see you back.

  3. I've been away a bit too Lyn..but glad you're still around ! we just had a snow storm..its been so difficult recuperating from it ! Hope you will better soon...


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