Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Back in Aucky

It is so good to have my own computer back in place, and where it belongs - in MY apartment!
The past two weeks have been such a mess, with me bunking in lovely friends' homes, texting/e-mailing/ringing up property agents. I now deduce that the latter are all tortoises, except for one! Whom, by the way, the one who helped me secure this new apartment.

Property hunting was such a stressful process. In choosing my apartment, I had to take many factors to take into account - the cost of rental, how far the apartment is away from the university, how safe the location is, how far it is away from the single supermarket in the city (walking with 2 cartons of soymilk, 3 kiwifruits and some meat is horrendous in hilly Auckland!), etc. etc.
And finally, I got It.
It - My new apartment.
Double the size of the previous apartment, with some basic furnishings, rent inclusive of hot water - And still cheaper than the previous apartment. This is a gem found after countless of property viewings, phone calls and bad-naming property agents!

The unpacking began on Saturday. And on the very same day, I realised that I left my camera USB cable in KL! Oh no! Hunting on the streets of Auckland for that single cable was simply useless. A salesperson thought the only way to get a replacement cable is to contact Panasonic directly! Oh, the cost!
So now I am currently awaiting for my dad to post the cable here ASAP! It feels so strange not to post pictures online. =(

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