Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Guide to Getting a Bunkbed

I share a bunk bed with my little sister. At the beginning, it was quite challenging to live with her in the same room, and share the same shaky bunk bed. Overtime, however, we somehow got used to it.
Despite that, I would love to trade in my bunk bed with a normal bed. My sister is a tosser, and she tends to shake the whole bed with her when she moves around. The bed also tends to shake uncontrollably when she climbs up and down the ladder. It is simply the reality of having bunk beds, I suppose. Ours is a steel, stable one. I assume you will need built-in bunk beds if you want the tremors to lessen significantly.
For the past two years, I've learned how my bunk bed life could be improved. But due to the costs and hassle, we will never trade in the bunk bed for something else unless we get a bigger place. However, I'm dying to share my bunk bed lessons with you. So here are some of them:

1. If possible, always place the bunk bed by windows. One of my favourite things to do is to read in bed. But because the lighting is so poor at the bottom bunk, I can no longer read or sew in my bed :(.

2. If the room lacks BIG windows, consider installing a lamp at the bottom bunk instead. It would also be great if the top bunk has one too because lighting conditions near the ceiling is not that great either. With this, it is possible to read at night :).

3. Well, why not have both a window and a light installed? :D

4. Personalise the bunks! Sadly, we live in a rented apartment, so there is no sticking or hammering allowed! But if you have the opportunity to hang a couple of frames, built some shelves for books or soft toys (my soft toys are taking over my bed). Go wild!

5. The lack of privacy in the room can be quite an issue sometimes (or most of the time, in my case). Curtains for the bunks can work - this gives some privacy if you would like a good cry after reading a good book, or just to write in that private journal of yours.

6. There is ample of storage space under the bunk bed. If you are doing built-ins, do something like the picture above. Or just stash your things in boxes if you are lazy like me :D.

7. And the best bunk bed: One which is a reading nook as the bottom bunk and a sleeping bunk at the top <3.

And that's my guide to getting a bunkbed :).

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