Monday, February 07, 2011


There is an awesome crafter I want to introduce to you today. Her name is Sherry and she is the person behind y0omii :).
Her characters are unbelievably cute. Honestly, unbelievably: keee-yootttt.
Allow me to let her toys do the talking:

Who is my favouriteeeeee.
I love Rocco too!


They are heart-breakingly adorable.
(I need one!)

My favourite owl :)


Mushroom bears

And y0omii is stocked with a cute selection of stationery too!

They are soooo cute, right?
Do you want one? ;)
These links are what you need:
That's all for now.
I need to get back to staring at y0omii's toys! ;)
All photo credits belong to y0omii.


  1. Hey Lyn ! Ya ya, is me. So sweet of you to remember ! ( I was away from blogging for a while as life was just too hectic with the babies and work etc). I do still love Amigurumi as do I the Nicki trench book i purchased thanks to you, it is my hope to invest some time into a few projects over the coming weeks for my new blog. I love these so much and kudos to you for reminding me of how therapeutic cute crafts like this can be on the mind!

  2. Lyn! Thank you so much for writing about my little creations ^_^ Hehe looking through your blogpost made me smile and gave me an extra boost of energy that I need to work through my orders (: Thank you again~~ ^__^


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