Wednesday, August 11, 2010


A few posts back, I expressed my hopes to attempt to sell my handmade goods online. I had everything all mapped out in my mind - account details, packaging and what-nots have all been sorted out and secured.
And a week ago, I went to the post office to sort out the last item on my list - to check for the cost of postage. I nearly had a heart attack when the cashier gave me a quote on the postage. It costs USD 5.70 to send ONE of my Chubbes to the UK and US.
I kid you not. That postage for that tiny thing is so darn expensive. Maybe I'm slightly ignorant in saying this, but I do think that the cost is really too much!

This makes me think that it would not be wise open a store on Etsy. I am not looking to have an idle store.

Whether or not I should proceed really depends on how much a potential customer is willing to spend on my goods. If you can help me out in this respect, it would be great! :)
I would like to find out the following:
What is the maximum amount (inclusive of postage) you are willing to spend on one of my Chubbees?
If you can help me out, that would be great! I would be really grateful! :)

Note: A Chubbee is about 70 mm in height.
Thank you soooo much in advance! :)


  1. I have only recently started following your blog, but these Chubbees are so cute! Did you get a price of postage for posting out more than one?
    I thought the postage seemed high too - until i converted it to £, about £2-3 I think, which isnt too bad to me, but i am used to the crazily high postage prices!
    Umm, its quite a difficult question, but i would be comfortable paying maybe no more than £8 or 10 including postage, but then I don't know how much material etc costs there.
    Also, have you tried looking for version of etsy in your country - here in the UK there is one called folksy, where obviously postage is cheaper because its sending in the same country!
    Sorry for the long ramble, hope I havent misunderstood or anything, good luck in selling your cute chubbees!! Im thinking of selling some things I make too :) xx

  2. Hi Charlotte,
    Thank you very much for the comment :).
    I have tried looking at a local version of Etsy, which is Felt. Unfortunately, Felt is a very new website, and the exposure that the website has is very minimal :(

    And that was not a long ramble! I really appreciate you taking your time to leave a comment. If you ever open an online store to sell the things you make, do come back and pop a link here so that I can check out your lovely handmades!

    Thanks heaps, :)

  3. Hiya :)
    Thanks, well, good luck with trade me for the time being, hope you sell lots (I think you will, they are very cute!),and thanks for linking from your last post :)
    Good luck, and I will let you know when I set up shop!

  4. Hi, this post really interested me, because I'm wondering almost similar things...and where do we get good advice for selling things online? I've heard very mixed reports on the success of Etsy. Sorry I have no answers, but I'll be checking up on the post to see what others think. All the best, Jane:)


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