Monday, February 02, 2009

Washi sewing kit

Mom is still in the midst of unpacking the boxes shipped back from Auckland (after 7 months of the family's arrival here!). The process began mid last year but stopped soon after. It was stalled till last night upon mom receiving notice that guests were due to arrive. Thus began the frantic tidying up and mom's commands to empty as many boxes as humanly possible in an hour.
We sieved, and we tossed. Occasionally, there will be someone's mutter of "Oh my...".
But through the piles of soft toys, bags and mounting books, there were treasures to be found. An old diary, great grandma's crocheted flowers, a cherished Mickey bracelet and...

A novelty sewing kit.
Sewing kit - Japanese washi pouch

One to be carried in a purse, kept in a car or slipped into a travel bag.
It is a basic kit, but one so adorable that I gave a little yelp when I opened it. It was bought by an uncle on touring Japan, and was gifted to mom. It is now mine! =)
Japanese washi sewing kit

It is made of washi. 'Wa' meaning Japanese, while 'shi' means paper. Yes, it is a paper constructed pouch. Washi is delicate, but it is tougher than paper.
Japanese washi sewing kit

The illustration on the pouch is simply too adorable! This will definitely be flying back with me to Auckland. =)

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  1. ohh, i love this little sewing kit!! how priceless!

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