Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gumball Machine!

I've been shopping in KL, and one of the cute things I bought was this gumball machine. Cuteeeeee right?
It is quite tiny, about the size of my palm. And it is refillable! So long as the candies are round and tiny, the machine will spit it out!

I bought this at a candy store in the mall. And every purchase came with this Morinaga (hope I spelled this correctly) candy. Love the reflective wrapper :)

I've purchased more cute things over these two months. And I will try my best to take decent photos and post it here. I also have a special someone to introduce to you! That will come up soon :).

In the meantime, enjoy what is left of Jan 2011! My internship ends next week, so I'm looking forward to spending quality time with all my fellow interns at the company. Till then, take care :).


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