Friday, April 23, 2010

Lauren & The Lost Boys

Hi there :)
I'm just popping by to say Happy Late April! :) And to say that the blog has not been forgotten! It has been pretty busy around here lately, and I have been spending most of my time meeting essay deadlines :(.
The unhappiness aside, I found a cute shop on Etsy that I would love to share with you!

Introducing: -
Lauren & The Lost Boys

Preppy Love Cushion

Crochet Bag with Striped Bow

Pony Club Placemat

Vintage Flag Cross Cushion

Check out the store for more goodies :)


  1. I've already posted this comment in your blog before but it seems to have got missed being spotted by you so I am putting it here instead hoping you will see it and be able to offer some assistance?

    reposted comment...

    Found your blog with googles help :)

    I'm in Australia.

    I was wanting to know if the Daiso Store in Auckland, New Zealand was still operating and whether they sell any Japanese incenses there? I can't find any reference online or a phone number for the store from International Phone Directories or else I'd phone them up.
    Can you supply a phone number perhaps?


    If they are still operating I wonder if you had tried any of the Japanese incenses I heard they sell and if so, how you found it to be?

    I believe there's a Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) scented incense which they sell and was looking one day to try and get hold of some especially if I could only find out how it burns beforehand.

    If you find out anything specific I'd be pleased to know anything you can tell me about the incenses they have there, stuff like the scent names, package sizes and number of sticks in a packet and of course the price of a packet.

    If you're someone who hasn't ever tried Japanese incense so far then don't wait too much longer before trying some.

    They cannot be compared to Indian incenses even remotely, it's a whole different refined world of wondrous and amazing scents, mind blowing stuff, just waiting to be experienced, I can tell you!

    I'll bookmark this page so I'll be able to revisit it, to see what happens, hope this is ok with you me asking like this.


  2. Hi Glenn,

    I apologise for taking so long to get back to you. I have not visited my blog for quite some time already. The following is the information which you are looking for:
    1. Yes, Daiso is still operating in Auckland. It operates under another name, which I think is "The $3 Japan Shop".
    2. This it the phone number: 09-309 9110 (from Yellow)
    3. No, I haven't tried the incense before.

    Hope the information helps.

  3. Thank you so much Lyn and no wonder I was having no luck tracking down a phone number, no trading as Daiso I'd never have been able to figure that one out without your help.

    I've copied the information down and will look at contacting the store very soon.

    Please do seek out some Japanese Incense to try sometime, you'll be so glad you did!




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