Monday, February 08, 2010

Decotapes :)

Hello again!
I'm back at Auckland and I've been unpacking ever since I arrived last week! (Why do I have so much books, clothes and craft supplies?!)
And I've been so naughty for the last two months. While I was at Kuala Lumpur, I went on multiple shopping sprees :(. In fact, on the last day of my stay at KL, I bought some yummy looking decotapes, which I simply could not resist!

Decotapes :)

The designs are so adorable!

Hope you have a sweet sweet day!


  1. Me want some of those sweet sweet decotapes too :D.

  2. Welcome back to NZ! :)

    Those decotapes sure are adorable, I like the piggie one best.

  3. Welcome back!! :) Shopping sprees are fun!! These deco tapes are really really adorable. Wishing you a wonderful happy chinese new year and a wonderful weekend! Love to you!~


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