Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cute postcards :)

Hello, hello! :D
I've finally sat for all my exam papers for the year! So, I'm done with uni for 2009 and I can now relax a little :). Although I have to admit that it is strange not to be studying anymore (at least for this year anyway)! :D
So whilst relaxing (and browsing through Flickr photos), I came across a Flickr photostream with the cutest postcards! They are Japanese illustrated and they are for sale on Etsy. The seller, KawaiiPostcard is based in Osaka :).

Bakery Moco postcard

Very Cute Cat Postcard

Kawaii Sakura Postcard

Taking a Nap on the Grass Kawaii Postcard

Swimming in the Sea Kawaii Postcard

On a Snowy Day Kawaii Postcard

Have a lovely weekend ahead :)

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  1. Oh, they are so nice and funny :) thanks for sharing!



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